The Absolut Company Releases Sustainability Report, Aims to Meet 2030 Carbon Reduction Targets

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According to the Absolut Company, it is significant to drive innovation with partners and discover new ways to fund sustainability projects in the face of global economic challenges and uncertainties to fulfil 2030 carbon reduction targets.

The Absolut Company says collaborations and green investment will "make or break" the ability to meet carbon reduction targets. Its forecast comes amid a difficult and uncertain backdrop. Even though it's been three years since the epidemic, the spirits industry is still struggling to get back on its feet. Supply chains are weaker, there's an energy crisis, inflation is through the roof, and interest rates are going up.

The Sustainability Report shows that Absolut Vodka's carbon roadmap for 2030 is still on track and that The Absolut Company's two other main brands, Kahla and Malibu, have reached important milestones. The brands' strong progress has been made possible by the partnerships and collaborations they have built over many years in the farming, packaging, and logistics sectors.

Stéphanie Durroux, Chief Executive Officer, The Absolut Company, says: “Sustainability continues to be very high on our agenda despite the global economic, logistical, and geopolitical challenges we have all faced. Some events, such as Europe’s energy crisis, have served to intensify the climate change debate, yet, as our latest Sustainability Report highlights, we are as determined as ever. The past year has reinforced the fundamental importance of our sustainability and responsibility strategy for business resilience and growth. As you can see from our report, we work closely with all our partners, from farmers to NGOs to suppliers. It is because of these long-standing relationships that we remain on target to achieve our carbon reduction goals.”

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Source: The Absolut Company

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