TD Synnex Secures Cisco's Eco-Specialisation in Europe

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TD Synnex has successfully earned the prestigious Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialisation for its operations in Europe.

This achievement empowers the distributor to provide localised assistance to partners across all European markets, aiding them in obtaining their own Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialisation.

This accreditation catalyses partners to expedite their sustainability and circular economy efforts. It grants them access to the Cisco Takeback incentive, facilitating the responsible return of used hardware for remanufacturing, recycling, or safe disposal. Moreover, partners can enjoy up to a seven per cent discount on new products for qualifying deals. Furthermore, attaining this specialisation propels partners closer to achieving Cisco Select Partner status.

Sam Paris, TD Synnex's Vice President for Security and Networking and Cisco Lead for Europe, expressed his enthusiasm: "We are thrilled to announce our attainment of the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialisation across all European countries within our footprint. This accomplishment bodes well for partners seeking to elevate their sustainable IT practices. It establishes a transparent, well-structured, and highly credible framework for technology recycling and circular economy initiatives."

The journey to acquiring the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialisation entailed TD Synnex's European country operations passing two rigorous Cisco exams: the 700-240 Sustainability Overview and the 700-245 Sustainability Practice Building.

Additionally, the company's country operations committed to fulfilling their sustainable IT obligations by signing a Cisco pledge. They also appointed Cisco sustainability ambassadors to facilitate local execution.

TD Synnex further bolstered its commitment by appointing a dedicated regional lead to drive its sustainability strategy for its Cisco business. As part of its commitment to sustainability, TD Synnex is currently launching a fast-track sustainability boot camp designed to expedite partner training for the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialisation.

Paris added, "TD Synnex's environmental objectives prominently feature the integration of circular economy principles into our product life-cycle management strategy. We collaborate with stakeholders to minimise waste through repair, refurbishment, and recycling. This partnership with Cisco magnifies our dedication, benefiting our European partners immensely."

TD Synnex partners can capitalise on Cisco's sustainable IT programmes, including Refresh for remanufactured Cisco hardware and Green Pay, a circular IT payment solution for Cisco's sustainable technology.

In a recent accomplishment, TD Synnex was awarded the Silver Medal by EcoVadis, a globally recognised evaluator of business sustainability practices. This honour followed an evaluation of the company's environmental, social, and ethical performance.

Earlier this year, TD Synnex published its Corporate Citizenship Report, outlining its strides in strategic environmental, social, and governance initiatives. This report also introduced the framework that TD Synnex unveiled upon launching its corporate citizenship programme in 2022.

The company is also committed to enhancing partner knowledge through online training certifications on sustainability and circular economy principles. Additionally, TD Synnex has curated sustainable device lifecycle and technology refresh services tailored to European partners.

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