Suzuki Makes Investment in Australian Mobility Software Company

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by KnowESG
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Suzuki Motor Corporation has invested in Melbourne-based Applied Electric Vehicles to expedite the development of software for next-generation mobility.

Applied EV is an Australian technology company that has created a vehicle control system known as the Digital Backbone that is solely based on software for use in electric vehicles dedicated to autonomous driving applications.

Vehicles of all kinds and sizes can now run totally on software owing to the Digital Backbone. This technique streamlines vehicle architecture, eliminates hundreds of components, lowers production costs, boosts efficiency, and makes the entire ecosystem more sustainable.

Suzuki signed an agreement with Applied EV in September 2021 and has since been exploring future collaboration opportunities. Suzuki's investment in Applied EV is another step toward strengthening the two firms' relationship and realising synergies such as manufacturing and new business models.

Suzuki stated in a news release that it would continue to create ties with companies such as Applied EV that have unique technologies to expedite the development of next-generation mobility and deliver a variety of transport solutions that will benefit individuals and society.

The company has announced an agreement with Moove, a Nigerian startup, to harness the respective global networks of Suzuki and MUFG Bank to promote Moove's commercial expansion beyond Africa.

Source: Suzuki

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