Strive Introduces ESG Transparency Campaign for Financial Advisors

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by KnowESG

Strive Asset Management (Strive) launched its financial education campaign, "5 Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor," in the new year to further educate investors about where their money is going.

Millions of everyday investors put their money in the hands of wealth managers, 401k plan administrators, and pension funds, but many are unaware that their stock portfolios or retirement funds may be unintentionally fueling political activism across corporate America through environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing and shareholder voting practices.

Without financial transparency, investors risk having their money spent in ways that do not correspond to their financial objectives. In the past few years, big asset managers have used trillions of dollars to push political agendas like "racial equity audits," environmental pledges, and demographic quotas in corporate boardrooms.

Strive recommends that individuals ask their financial advisors, 401k plan administrators, and/or pension fund board members five questions at the start of this year to ensure that their funds are invested in line with their goals:

  • Have I invested in any funds that voted my shares in favour of racial equity audits?

  • Have I invested in any funds that voted my shares in favour of emissions reduction plans or executive compensation tied to environmental and social goals?

  • Have I invested in any funds that consistently put less money into companies in coal, mining, oil and gas exploration, defence, or firearms?

  • Do you use ESG factors in your process for evaluating outside funds, in your internal operations, or in your strategies for optimising client portfolios?

  • If the answer to any of the above questions is "yes," could you tell me about other ways to invest so I can choose funds and portfolios that match my values and long-term financial goals?

Vivek Ramaswamy, Executive Chairman of Strive, said: "Many Americans don't know that their money is being used to promote environmental and social goals that they don't agree with. Every investor has the right to know whether their money is being funnelled to advance someone else’s agenda. We hope to empower individuals with knowledge so that they can make informed investment decisions.”

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