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The Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) is actively enhancing its commitment to sustainable social development through various initiatives.

These include the recent inauguration of Spaceport Esrange, which will commence satellite launches in 2024. Additionally, SSC has joined the global Exponential Roadmap Initiative, aiming to integrate sustainability across its entire value chain. The Annual and Sustainability report by SSC provides an overview of the investments made in this regard.

"As a renowned provider of cutting-edge space services, we take pride in our rich heritage. However, we are now taking additional strides to position ourselves as significant contributor to society through our unparalleled capabilities. This commitment is evident across all aspects of our operations, from the efficient management of our facilities to our daily work and the innovative services we deliver," stated Henrik Lampa, Head of Sustainability at SSC.

As part of its investments, SSC has recently acquired membership in the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, which is dedicated to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions by half before 2030 through exponential climate action and innovative solutions.

The Exponential Roadmap Initiative is an accredited partner that facilitates members in joining the UN-supported Race to Zero campaign. Through this initiative, SSC will proactively work towards cutting its own carbon emissions by 50% across the entire value chain while integrating climate and nature considerations into its core strategy. By doing so, SSC aims to contribute to a positive global transition that benefits both the climate and nature.

"The solutions to achieve a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030 already exist in various sectors such as energy, industry, transport, agriculture, and forestry. However, these solutions need to be rapidly scaled up exponentially. Furthermore, the space sector can play a significant role by providing crucial earth observations and satellite data that are instrumental in advancing green solutions and transitioning away from a fossil fuel-based economy," explains Johan Falk, CEO and founder of the Exponential Roadmap Initiative. "We are delighted that SSC has taken the pioneering step of becoming the first space company to join our global initiative."

SSC has already made significant investments in sustainability, including the implementation of green energy sources at its facilities. For instance, 624 solar panels have been installed at the Santiago Satellite Station, and a similar installation is planned for WASC in Australia.

Furthermore, at the Esrange Space Center in Sweden, portions of the infrastructure are now powered by geothermal heating and hydropower, showcasing SSC's commitment to utilising renewable energy and reducing its environmental impact.

SSC's establishment of Spaceport Esrange is another noteworthy investment, as it will be the first facility for orbital launches on the mainland EU. The inaugural satellite launch from Spaceport Esrange is anticipated to take place in 2024. In addition, the facility will also serve as a testing ground for Europe's Themis programme, which focuses on reusable rockets and is led by the French company ArianeGroup.

"Our most significant contribution to society stems from our unique capabilities and services. Spaceport Esrange serves as a gateway to space for Europe, filling a void that previously existed. The satellites launched from Spaceport Esrange will play a critical role in supporting sustainable development in modern societies. This encompasses a wide range of functions, including climate research, innovative functionalities, and business models, as well as enhancing security and democracy," explains Stefan Gustafsson, Senior Vice President of Strategy & Sustainable Business at SSC.

In 2022, SSC joined other members from the European space sector in signing ESA's Statement for a Responsible Space Sector. This statement serves as a foundation for promoting sustainable industrial development and enhancing the positive impact of space activities on society while also fostering more socially and environmentally responsible practices within the space sector.

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