Slate Asset Management Rolls out Infrastructure-focused Impact Investment Strategy

Published on: 23 February 2022 11:30 AM
by KnowESG

A Brief Summary

Alternative investment platform for assets, Slate Asset Management, recently announced the launch of the Cities and Communities Impact Infrastructure Strategy for investment in infrastructure assets to enhance the global energy transition, diminish carbon emissions and improve the sustainability of cities and communities.

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The new strategy will help boost investments in long-term clean energy and sustainability solutions for urban settings. For that purpose, Slate partners closely with cities, companies and technology providers across the infrastructure spectrum.

Brady Welch, Founding Partner at Slate Asset Management, said: “Meeting the ambitious net-zero commitments of governments and communities around the world will require massive investments to upgrade and modernize urban infrastructure. With our Cities and Communities Impact Infrastructure Strategy, we have a unique opportunity to leverage Slate’s existing expertise, reach and relationships to put ourselves at the forefront of that change, and we are very pleased that Christian has joined us to lead these efforts.”

The company also announced the appointment of Christian Schmid as Managing Director and Global Head of Infrastructure, who will supervise the new strategy. He had served Queensland Investment Corporation as Sector Lead for Utilities before joining Slate. He was a Managing Director at RBC Capital Markets, where his responsibility was managing and executing investment in infrastructure across Europe and North America.

Blair Welch, Founding Partner at Slate, said: “Climate change poses an increasingly significant risk to virtually every segment of our society, and cities have a strong incentive to address these emissions through urban planning, technologies and behavioural change. Christian will draw upon his deep expertise and knowledge in this space to take our Cities and Communities Impact Infrastructure Strategy forward, enabling Slate to contribute to real and positive change globally.”

Schmid added: “Slate’s young culture of innovation will be a significant advantage as we champion technologies and infrastructure solutions aimed at making our cities and communities more environmentally resilient. This culture, coupled with the firm’s well-established global footprint, vertically-integrated portfolio and focus on ESG, positions Slate well to unlock compelling investment opportunities tied to the global energy transition while advancing our vision of a more sustainable future.”