SCGP Partners with 40 Companies to Up Green Packaging

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The SCGP, with a keen focus on fostering collaboration and championing the development of "Sustainable Packaging" in harmony with Circular Economy principles, has extended invitations to more than 40 companies, spanning both Thailand and international territories.

This collaborative effort aims to enhance the environmental friendliness of packaging across the entire lifecycle, ranging from raw material development, design, and technological advancements, to recycling methods, and ultimately benefiting the end consumer.

This initiative took centre stage at the seminar "SCGP Circularity in Action: Pursuit of Packaging Sustainability," where valuable insights and experiences in sustainable operations were shared with esteemed partners.

Karan Tejasen, the Chief Operating Officer of the Consumer and Performance Packaging Business at SCG Packaging Public Company Limited (SCGP), divulged that the organisation conducts its operations with a strong commitment to efficient resource utilisation and environmental stewardship.

This commitment aligns seamlessly with the tenets of sustainable development and the Circular Economy, encompassing all stages from product and service design to the manufacturing process.

The key focus is on crafting designs and products that offer convenience and usability for brand owners and consumers while minimising resource consumption. Importantly, these products must exhibit robustness, durability, and recyclability. SCGP also actively engages with various entities to champion sustainable practices among consumers, with the ultimate goal of fostering a greener and more sustainable world.

SCGP hosted the seminar as an expression of gratitude to its collaborative partners who contribute throughout the production cycle, right up to product delivery to consumers. This seminar also sought to expand awareness and advocate for environmentally friendly packaging practices by sharing valuable experiences. During this event, SCGP invited three prominent partners to join hands in the development of sustainable packaging solutions.

Krittavit Laohadtanaphorn, the Executive Director of M. Water Company Limited, the producer of "Sprinkle" bottled water, emphasised the company's unwavering commitment to sustainable business practices.

Collaborating closely with SCGP, they've embarked on the creation of new designs for "Sprinkle" water bottles, designed for easy recyclability and devoid of labels to reduce environmental impact.

This innovative packaging is poised to make its debut on the market this October. Inspired by the pressing global warming issue and the "Less is More" concept, this novel design mirrors the melting form of polar ice caps, weaving a unique narrative that simultaneously raises consumer awareness.

Moreover, the company has reduced label usage by implementing inkjet printing technology directly on the bottle surface. Refined over nearly two years, this ink can be easily washed off during standard recycling processes and contains no hazardous substances that could contaminate the water. This marks another substantial step toward minimising plastic waste, as label-free bottles are more readily recyclable.

Sirilak Narongtanupone, Co-CEO and Managing Director of Equator Pure Nature Company Limited, the producer and distributor of natural cleaning products under the "PiPPER STANDARD" brand, shared a partnership with SCGP in developing designs and packaging for their cleaning products, which boast 100% natural ingredients.

Additionally, they've initiated the "PiPPER Bottle Recycling" project, where used plastic bottles are collected, sorted, cleaned, and transformed using innovative technology into Post-Consumer Recycled Resin (PCR) before being reshaped into new bottles. This holistic approach aligns perfectly with Circular Economy principles, offering a comprehensive solution.

Supot Katetopragran, Vice President of Commercial and Carbon Business Development at Dow Thailand, underscored the significance of packaging made from mono-material, a single type of plastic that retains optimal packaging properties while being highly recyclable, in advancing the Circular Economy.

Continuous endeavours in this direction have been a focus, and collaborative efforts with SCGP have resulted in various projects, including the development of easily recyclable and thinner yet stronger rice bags for the Royal Umbrella brand. This initiative addresses both waste reduction and carbon reduction, in sync with Dow's commitment to aiding its customers in achieving carbon neutrality.

Mr. Karan, representing SCGP, emphasised the pivotal role of collaborative partnerships in crafting environmentally friendly packaging. Sustainable business practices necessitate expertise across multiple domains, including technology, design, and testing, to create packaging that is more ecologically sound than ever before.

The seminar marks the initiation of a concerted effort to bring partners together in the pursuit of sustainable packaging solutions that cater to diverse customer needs and applications, all while serving society and the environment.

SCGP's plan extends to ongoing technological and innovative advancements in environmentally friendly packaging, encompassing both rigid and flexible packaging. These endeavours align with the company's overarching policy and seek to inspire product manufacturers to collaboratively develop solutions, fostering quality growth, striving toward Net Zero emissions by 2050, and, most crucially, promoting a sustainable society and environment.

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