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Position Green, previously known as the Governance Group, has unveiled its annual ESG 100 analysis, which scrutinises environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting among the top 100 publicly traded companies in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

This marks the sixth edition of Position Green's assessment, a tradition that has expanded to include not just Norway but also Sweden and Denmark. Position Green's ESG100 report serves as a comprehensive examination of these companies' preparedness for the impending EU European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), set to be enforced from January 1, 2024.

Offering invaluable insights into the readiness gaps concerning ESRS compliance, the report caters to the needs of investors, businesses, and policymakers. The analysis hinges on the latest data concerning ESG reporting, encompassing the 100 leading publicly traded companies across Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, totalling 300 enterprises.

The evaluation of ESRS readiness is grounded in an assessment of each company's reporting against 68 disclosure prerequisites derived from the ESRS framework. Furthermore, the ESG100 bestows each company with a grading ranging from 'A+' to 'F,' drawing from an extensive pool of 85 research inquiries that encapsulate ESRS disclosure criteria and exemplar sustainability reporting standards.

Scatec's Executive Vice President of Sustainability, HSSE & Quality, Roar Haugland, expressed their pride in being recognised as one of Norway's leading entities, highlighting their unwavering commitment to ESG matters. Haugland emphasised the significance of robust reporting in monitoring and enhancing performance, underscoring the collective responsibility of all stakeholders in this ongoing journey.

Julie Hamre, VP Sustainability Reporting & Strategy at Scatec, echoed the sentiments of pride and dedication as one of the top-performing companies in Scandinavia. She highlighted Scatec's endeavours to align with key regulatory frameworks such as the EU Taxonomy, the Transparency Act, and the CSRD, recognising how heightened regulations foster greater structure and transparency. Hamre expressed gratitude to the company's dedicated colleagues from across the organisation who contributed to this esteemed recognition.

For those seeking a comprehensive understanding of the findings, the full report is available for download. To delve deeper into Scatec's commitment to ESG and Sustainability, additional information can be found on their website and within their ESG Performance Report.

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