Saica Group Receives Silver Medal for Sustainability

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Saica Group has achieved a remarkable feat by clinching a silver medal from EcoVadis, reinforcing its global reputation as one of the foremost champions of sustainability.

EcoVadis, a platform that evaluates the sustainability practices of over 75,000 companies worldwide, assesses Saica's commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles through a meticulous examination of 21 sustainability criteria, all centred around four key performance domains: environmental responsibility, labour and human rights, ethical conduct, and sustainable procurement.

In the year 2023, Saica has raised the bar by enhancing its previous sustainability rating, amassing a grand total of 68 points. Most notably, substantial progress has been made in the areas of labour and human rights as well as sustainable procurement, with each domain garnering an additional 10 points, underlining the company's dedication to promoting responsible practices.

A significant stride in Saica Group's sustainability journey has been the comprehensive implementation of carbon management initiatives. In this particular category, Saica has advanced from an 'average' ranking to a 'leader,' showcasing the organisation's steadfast commitment to decarbonisation.

This transformation is a testament to the robust management system represented by the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Intensity (GEI) programme, combined with the effective reporting mechanisms embraced throughout the Group.

Participation in EcoVadis assessments serves as just one facet of Saica Group's multifaceted approach to measuring and showcasing its progress in sustainability. Coupled with the release of Saica's Sustainability Report and active involvement in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the company is resolute in its ambition to attain global recognition as one of the planet's premier champions of sustainability.

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Source: Saica Group


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