RepRisk Unveils ESG Risk Data on Snowflake Marketplace

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RepRisk, a company that specialises in ESG data science, disclosed the introduction of ESG risk data on the Snowflake Marketplace. This move will facilitate joint customers' access to third-party ESG risk data and simplify and secure their internal data operations.

Jenny Nordby, the Head of Business Development at RepRisk, stated that the partnership signifies the increasing agreement in financial services that ESG data is essential for sound financial decision-making.

She expressed pleasure in collaborating with Snowflake to make it easy for joint customers to integrate ESG data into their internal systems, thus aiding them in mitigating risk and enhancing business practices.

RepRisk and Snowflake are collaborating to support customers in making informed business decisions and fostering innovation by enabling secure, scalable, and effective data governance and assessment. Improving the availability of RepRisk's data will provide greater flexibility in data processing and manipulation for their clients, including asset managers, banks, hedge funds, corporations, insurance providers, and governments.

Kieran Kennedy, the Head of Snowflake Marketplace, stated that RepRisk's dataset's ability to detect and evaluate significant ESG risk aligns with Snowflake's mission to promote more sustainable, intelligent, and informed financial decision-making via an efficient and streamlined process. Kennedy expressed excitement to observe how this new addition will encourage their clients to contemplate and integrate ESG practices.

Joint customers can now use RepRisk's exclusive ESG risk dataset on Snowflake Marketplace, empowering them to comprehend their ESG risk exposure better.

RepRisk's dataset is unique in the industry, generated by intentionally excluding self-disclosures to offer transparent insights on a company's ESG and business conduct risks. RepRisk's outside-in approach encompasses 23 languages, analysing a broad range of public media and stakeholder sources to identify ESG risks.

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They provide daily data updates across 101 ESG risk factors mapped to standards such as UNGC, SASB, and SDGs. RepRisk enables companies, investors, and others to proactively mitigate risks that could cause reputational, compliance, financial, people, and planet impacts for the company and its stakeholders.

Snowflake Marketplace uses Snowgrid, Snowflake's innovative cross-cloud technology, to provide firms with direct access to raw data products and the ability to use data, data services, and applications rapidly, securely, and affordably.

Snowflake Marketplace streamlines the discovery, access, and monetisation of data products, allowing companies to uncover new revenue streams and insights across the Data Cloud. Click here to learn more about Snowflake Marketplace and how to discover, test, and purchase the data, data services, and applications needed to foster innovative business solutions.

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