Reflex ESG Risk Among Lowest in Industry

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Reflex Vehicle Hire has been evaluated by Morningstar Sustainalytics, receiving an ESG Risk Rating assessment that underscores its commitment to guiding fleet customers towards a more environmentally friendly future.

In August 2023, Reflex Vehicle Hire underwent an assessment, revealing it to be at a low risk of facing significant financial impacts due to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors. The ESG Risk Rating score quantified at 13.6, reflects this low risk, with a lower score indicating stronger performance.

Notably, Reflex Vehicle Hire's ESG Risk Rating ranks in the top 7% among all companies assessed by Sustainalytics and falls within the top 3% of industry peers evaluated by the same organisation.

This represents the latest chapter in Reflex's ongoing dedication to fostering operational excellence across its business operations to support ESG objectives. Their efforts include extensive measures for risk mitigation, a focus on occupational Health and Safety, support for charitable causes, and substantial investments in environmental enhancements.

In recognition of their commitment to ESG principles, Reflex Vehicle Hire was named the ESG Champion of the Year at the Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards in the previous year. This award underscores their robust strategy, driven by a simple but powerful mantra: prioritising the well-being of people and the planet.

These accolades are part of a growing collection of awards recognising Reflex's commitment to ESG initiatives, including their cutting-edge modular risk management program, "Drive with Reflex." Moreover, their award-winning "EV:IE" (Electric Vehicle Information Exchange) consultancy service plays a pivotal role in facilitating environmental advancements for UK fleets transitioning to electric vehicles.

To sustain their momentum in the realm of ESG, Reflex Vehicle Hire has established a new ESG committee comprising representatives from various departments within the organisation.

Lisa Spong, Sales Director of Reflex Vehicle Hire, emphasised their industry-leading position, stating, "We have a reputation for being at the forefront of addressing critical issues in the fleet sector. For instance, our unwavering commitment to 'Safety as Standard' has been instrumental in prioritising risk management in our vehicle rental services."

She further acknowledged, "This represents just a fraction of our broader ESG efforts. Our strong performance in the assessment demonstrates that we are making significant strides, though we acknowledge that there is always more work to be done in reducing our ESG risk."

The ESG Risk Rating was determined based on data from 2022, meticulously examined by Sustainalytics, a prominent ESG research, ratings, and data firm known for collaborating with numerous companies and their financial intermediaries to incorporate sustainability into their policies, practices, and capital projects.

Lisa Spong expressed her pride in Reflex Vehicle Hire's accomplishments, emphasising their commitment to effecting positive ESG changes. She looks forward to continued improvement in the months and years ahead.

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