Raconteur Achieves B Corp Certification

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At Raconteur, the belief prevails that business must transcend the pursuit of mere profits.

While acknowledging the significance of corporate growth and financial success, the conviction remains firm that these objectives should not come to the detriment of labourers, the environment, or the broader society.

A shared passion is recognised among the readership for the advancement of progressive and forward-looking enterprises that centre their focus on the trifecta of people, planet, and profit.

Raconteur proudly proclaims its new status as a B Corporation, a distinction bestowed upon a select group of 1,400 certified companies within the UK, among which 300 exhibit a similar scale (50-250 employees), and a mere three belong to the realm of media organisations—a club that also includes The Guardian.

The attainment of B Corp accreditation demanded of Raconteur a rigorous adherence to stringent standards encompassing social, governance, and environmental aspects.

This certification encompassed an external evaluation, assessing criteria that spanned governance and transparency, community, environmental and customer impact, and worker standards. Fulfilling the requisites to secure B Corp recognition necessitates achieving a threshold score across all these dimensions while instilling a commitment to purpose beyond profit throughout the organisation.

In taking on the mantle of a B Corp, Raconteur actively showcases its resolute dedication to moving beyond mere rhetoric regarding purpose-driven business. Tangible actions are being undertaken to ameliorate various facets, ranging from labour practices to ecological stewardship and collaborative partnerships. As one of the select few businesses to earn this distinction within the media sector, Raconteur is ambitiously illustrating a more sustainable trajectory for the industry's future.

This profound introspection into the company's own operations is paralleled by a steadfast vow to tackle these pertinent issues within its journalistic endeavours. A deepened focus is pledged toward elucidating how businesses can proactively combat climate change and achieve net-zero emissions. Additionally, an emphasis is placed on prioritising worker standards and meticulously considering the impact companies have on the societies and communities they serve.

Evidencing this commitment, dedicated reports and editors have been appointed to delve into the crossroads of energy, sustainability, and responsible business. Simultaneously, the future of work and leadership will receive in-depth coverage. The intention is to cast a spotlight on those entities at the forefront of innovation while also dispensing pragmatic counsel to enterprises seeking novel paradigms of operation.

For those with stories to share or challenges in need of resolution, an invitation is extended to engage with Raconteur. Together, the journey entails constructing a more sustainable future and fostering connectivity through narratives that encapsulate the essence of modern business.

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Source: Raconteur


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