Priority OnDemand Launches First ESG Report

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Priority OnDemand, a leading provider of mobile health solutions and medical transportation services, announced the publication of its first-ever ESG Report.

The report showcases the company's efforts and successful approaches towards promoting sustainable, fair, and effective governance practices.

Bryan Gibson, CEO, expressed his pride in releasing the 2023 ESG report and communicating the company's advancements in critical ESG fields to its employees, customers, and communities. He further stated that publishing the report signifies a significant move towards empowering employees, minimising environmental impact, upholding integrity, and contributing to communities, all of which are crucial to the company's sustainability goals.

Since its inception as Priority Ambulance in 2013 and later as Priority OnDemand, the company has been dedicated to catering to the needs of its employees, communities, customers, and patients.

The business has grown and transformed over the years, and this year, it pledged to adopt a comprehensive ESG programme adhering to the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) principles. The company has published SASB framework disclosures with the intent to produce qualitative and quantitative reports aligned with industry standards in the future.

The report features the following highlights:

  • The company conducted its initial materiality assessment to guarantee that its ESG strategy integrates feedback from significant stakeholders.

  • An ESG Working Group was formed to supervise corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability efforts with cross-functional specialists from across the organisation.

  • The company invested in resources to enhance its environmental endeavours and promote collaborative, innovative, energy-efficient, and low-emission work environments.

Gibson remarked, "As a top provider of exceptional mobile health and medical transportation solutions, we recognise the significance of continually investing in and using our distinct value-enhancing factors, including ESG, to create a sustainable long-term business."

He added that the company's commitment to clinical excellence and customer partnerships that foster long-term relationships should never be overlooked. This emphasis enables the company to invest in its staff and the communities it serves.

Visit the following link to access Priority OnDemand's 2023 ESG Report:

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