Pension Funds and Insurers Invest in Renewable Energy

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A recent survey by AlphaReal, a manager of secure income real assets, checked in with UK pension funds and insurers handling a total of £359.82 billion in assets.

The findings show that 72% of these organisations see hitting specific goals, like achieving Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050, as a top reason for investing in renewable energy.

For these funds and insurers, the second-biggest driver (picked by 71%) is keeping climate risks in check when investing in renewables. Meanwhile, 65% consider factors like energy security, job creation, and economic growth as crucial.

Among the respondents, 57% believe investing in renewable energy helps them follow environmental rules, while 35% say it aligns with their values. Almost all (93%) have declared a Net Zero target, with 50% aiming to get there in the next five years, 44% within five to ten years, 3% within ten to twenty years, and 3% claiming they have already made it.

Maria Vaggione, Senior ESG Associate at AlphaReal, said, “It's great that many pension funds and insurers are aiming for Net Zero targets, and they are choosing renewable energy investments to make it happen.”

Raza Ali, Investment Director, Renewable Infrastructure at AlphaReal, said, “UK pension funds and insurers are well on their way to hitting Net Zero carbon goals by 2050, and investments in renewable energy play a key role. AlphaReal’s efforts in this area have produced over 5,50,000 MWh of clean energy yearly, offsetting 1,18,000 tonnes of CO2e.”

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Source: AlphaReal


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