Ninety One Appoints Institutional Climate Specialist Daisy Streatfeild as Chief of Sustainability

Published on: 28 April 2022
by KnowESG
Image: Ninety One’s chief sustainability officer Nazmeera Moola

Daisy Streatfeild, the former programme director of the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC), will join Ninety One as sustainability director.

Streatfeild will implement the asset manager's net-zero policies throughout the company and within individual portfolios. As part of her job, she will help people make their investments more environmentally friendly.

Ninety One’s chief sustainability officer Nazmeera Moola said: ‘We understand the importance of setting net-zero targets that do not depend on exclusion and divestment and can be assessed in the real economy - otherwise net-zero will remain a pipe dream, as opposed to the reality we seek."

"Daisy’s deep level of experience in working within the sustainable finance sector, coupled with her passion for transforming the investment industry for the better, positions her as an ideal member of our team."

Streatfeild was a founding member of the IIGCC's Paris-aligned investing campaign, which prompted over 140 IIGCC members to pledge to net-zero portfolio emissions.

Following a masters in environment and development at the London School of Economics, she began her career as a researcher at the wildlife conservation charity WWF. She then worked in the civil service for nearly ten years in several climate and finance-related positions, including three years as the head of climate financing negotiations at the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Streatfeild worked at the Inter-American Development Bank as a sustainable infrastructure expert before joining the IIGCC.

Ninety One launched a new global equity strategy earlier this month that invests in companies with clear climate ambitions, focused on the predicted price increase in externalities.

The Global Environment, UK Sustainable Equity, and Global Multi-Asset Sustainable Growth strategies are among Ninety One's existing sustainable offerings.