Malk Partners and Integrum ESG Form Collaboration to Provide Best ESG Services and Data

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Carlo Chen-Delantar

Malk Partners, the leading advisor for creating value through ESG management and impact investing, and Integrum ESG, the leading provider of ESG data, scoring, and benchmarking, have joined forces to create the best-in-class ESG solution for private market investment firms.

The collaboration is a response to the fact that more and more investors want ESG management that is based on data and helps improve ESG performance across all of their portfolios. The top private market investors are increasingly demanding precise, framework-aligned, and comparable environmental, social, and governance data and analysis. The partnership achieves this through a software-and-services relationship geared at boosting portfolio companies' ESG performance.

Another important reason why investors want more ESG data is that regulations are changing quickly. The Securities and Exchange Commission proposed climate disclosure regulations earlier this year, which, if implemented, would directly affect public companies and indirectly impact privately-held businesses, particularly those pursuing an initial public offering. The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) already requires financial market participants in Europe to report on ESG.

“Our clients have been very clear. They want the best ESG data available, by which they mean ESG data that is not only accurate but customisable, easily captured, intuitively displayed, scored, and benchmarked against industry peers, and consistent with commonly-used ESG frameworks. In Integrum, we have found the innovative partner that best aligns with our clients’ needs,” said Max Hong, CEO of Malk Partners. "When Malk and Integrum combine their skills, private investors will be better able to drive ESG performance and overall value creation."

“We are very excited to be working with Malk, which has been a leader in the ESG advisory space since its founding in 2009,” said Shai Hill, CEO and Founder of London-based Integrum ESG. “Integrum has built our data and platform as a service that helps asset managers and other financial firms analyse their ESG risks and impact. Our AI models use a lot of data to create the most accurate ESG scoring and benchmarking available. By combining Malk’s preeminent advisory services with our industry-leading repository of public and private company ESG data, we can become even more valuable to our clients.”

This partnership is the first big strategic move Malk has made since Hong became CEO in May. The partners will be able to serve a wider range of clients in the fast-growing ESG investing space because of how well the two firms' capabilities and client-focused cultures will work together.

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