Macfarlane Group Publishes 2022 ESG report

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Macfarlane Group, the premier supplier of protective packaging, has unveiled its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report for the year 2022, showcasing significant accomplishments.

Following are the highlights of the report:

  • A notable 11% reduction in Macfarlane's carbon footprint, coupled with a remarkable 33% decrease in carbon sales intensity since 2019.

  • The integration of the first fully electric vehicle into Macfarlane's commercial delivery fleet.

  • An impressive shift towards sustainability, as almost 90% of the Group's electricity now originates from renewable sources.

  • Prominent enhancement in board diversity with two of six directors being female.

  • Substantial improvements in the Group's packaging portfolio, with nearly 90% of products sold now being recyclable.

  • Effective support provided to customers in response to the Plastic Packaging Tax, leading to a transition away from 0% recycled content plastic packaging for 6,500 customers, in favor of products boasting at least 30% recycled content.

  • The establishment of the Group's inaugural strategic charity partnership with the animal welfare organisation, Blue Cross, accompanied by the introduction of an annual paid volunteer day for all colleagues.

Reflecting on the outcomes of the report, David Patton, Head of Sustainability at Macfarlane Group, who previously served with Zero Waste Scotland, shared:

"Macfarlane Group maintains a strong commitment to minimising its environmental footprint, prioritising the reduction of carbon emissions and the preservation of natural resources. Our aspirations encompass fostering a sustainable and equitable future for our customers, colleagues, and our planet and investing in the communities we cater to. As we propel our sustainability strategy forward, our mission remains not only to curtail our environmental influence but also to collaborate with customers in their pursuit of waste reduction and emission mitigation."

Peter Atkinson, CEO of Macfarlane Group, supplemented: "Our approach to ESG underscores Macfarlane Group's comprehensive responsibility to all our principal stakeholders. The ESG Report for 2022 underscores the significant headway we've achieved across a spectrum of domains."

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