Lazard Sustainable Private Infrastructure Team Completes Inaugural Investment in DBE Energy

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Lazard Asset Management (LAM) said that the Lazard Sustainable Private Infrastructure team had made its first investment in DBE Energy, which owns and runs an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant in Surrey, England.

The investment has been made in partnership with DBE’s experienced management team, who will continue operating the plant with LAM as a majority shareholder. The DBE Energy plant helps the U.K. reach its goals of reducing carbon emissions and creating a circular economy. It does this by making green, renewable gas from organic waste and sending it to the National Grid so that businesses and homes can use it instead of fossil gas.

Robert Wall, Head of Sustainable Private Infrastructure at LAM, said, "The Lazard Global Sustainable Private Infrastructure strategy focuses on making investments in infrastructure companies that we think are well-positioned to achieve strong investment performance while delivering positive and measurable improvements in ESG and sustainability outcomes. The AD market in the U.K., despite being one of the most advanced in Europe, is fragmented and thus creates significant potential for consolidation and growth. We are delighted to have completed this investment in DBE Energy, and together with its management team are looking forward to growing this partnership further.”

In January 2020, DBE Energy's state-of-the-art AD plant started taking in local food waste. Each year, it can process up to 25,000 tonnes of waste to make up to 2.3 million cubic metres of clean, green, renewable biomethane, which can power about 700 average-sized family homes.

The Sustainable Private Infrastructure team, led by Robert Wall and based in London, comprises John Cresswell as Operating Advisor alongside Vitaly Filipskiy, Xenia Bredima, and Alexis Agabriel. The team has extensive experience in private investment and asset ownership.

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Source: Business Wire

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