Kodiak Announces Inaugural ESG Report

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Kodiak Copper Corp. announces the publication of the Company's first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report from Digbee ESGTM (Digbee), a leading independent assessment platform for the mining industry.

The report provides a comprehensive assessment of Kodiak's performance across a broad range of ESG criteria, and Kodiak achieved an overall ESG score of "A" from Digbee's independent panel of qualified Mining ESG experts who reviewed our submission against a set of rigorous and standardised scoring criteria.

Claudia Tornquist, President and CEO of Kodiak, said, "Excellence in ESG is an integral part of Kodiak's strategy as we create value through responsible exploration. I am proud that our initial submission was awarded a very strong 'A' score, and it is a pleasure to share Kodiak's ESG report, which transparently documents our performance in areas including health & safety, environmental stewardship, community engagement and governance."

Mr Jamie Strauss, the founder and CEO of Digbee, commented, "Kodiak has exemplified the benefit of embedding ESG throughout an exploration company. Given the strong set of policies and procedures along with the clear culture running through the company, it is anticipated that the areas of observation to further improve will be taken onboard and further strengthen the company's ESG footprint."

Details of Kodiak's ESG performance can be found on Kodiak's website.

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Source: Kodiak Copper Corp.


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