Kmart's Public ESG Campaign Unveiled

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Kmart Australia has unveiled an expansive 'people and planet' marketing campaign spanning Australia and New Zealand.

This comprehensive initiative is set to grace social media platforms, the official website, email marketing campaigns, paid advertisements, and physical stores. The campaign serves as a spotlight on the budget-friendly retailer's decade-long journey into sustainability and community-driven ventures.

This journey encompasses pivotal milestones such as Kmart's 2013 commitment to the Bangladesh Accord, their participation in the Better Cotton Initiative since 2017, and their joint top ranking with Italian fashion label OVS in the 2022 Fashion Transparency Index.

The campaign will also shine a light on Kmart's numerous endeavours, including the Wishing Tree Appeal, initiatives supporting First Nations communities, and the innovative Quiet Space strategy introduced to create serene, low-sensory environments across 28 stores. Furthermore, the retailer will herald the commencement of its inaugural wheelchair-accessible register trial.

John Gualtieri, CEO of both Kmart and Target, emphasised the remarkable scope of their operations and the potential to foster significant positive change.

Gualtieri stated, "Our extensive reach enables us to touch diverse individuals and communities. It's a privilege that empowers us to drive meaningful change. We take immense pride in our strides so far, benefiting our team members, suppliers, and the wider community. However, we recognise the path ahead is still abundant with opportunities, and we're committed to remaining a steadfast force for our customers, effecting positive change."

Rennie Freer, Kmart's General Manager of Marketing, underscored the significance of this campaign in allowing the brand to transcend its reputation for affordability.

Freer expressed, "We embark on a new era for the brand, elevating our ongoing endeavours through prominent communication channels. This marks the onset of fresh methods to convey our journey to our Kmart family and valued customers. But this is only the beginning... Stay tuned, as we're eager to continually unveil our brand's ongoing narrative."

Anticipating the forthcoming phase of their ESG initiatives, Kmart is set to achieve Leaping Bunny Programme approval for their proprietary cosmetic and personal care products—a remarkable achievement reportedly pioneering the Australian retail landscape.

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