INVL Partner Global Infrastructure Fund I Raises Additional USD 1.895 Million

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The INVL Partner Global Infrastructure Fund I, which invests in a fund of infrastructure assets managed by a company of global stature with a long track record, raised another USD 1.895 million from 7 investors.

On September 15, an offering of the fund's investment units concluded, increasing the total amount of capital raised by the INVL Partner Global Infrastructure Fund I to date to USD 39.390 million. 

A total of 95 investors have contributed to the fund that invests in infrastructure in Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development member states (OECD).

Vytautas Plunksnis, the INVL Group’s Head of Private Equity, said: 

"Investor sentiment in the capital markets is still weighed down not just by the war in Ukraine but also by inflation, rising interest rates and slowing economic growth. But investors notice alternative ideas for investing in world-class funds, diversifying their portfolios and protecting them against loss of value."

Global infrastructure is an appealing asset class that offers inflation protection. A diverse portfolio in terms of geography and deal size, predictable income flows, a stable regulatory framework, an investment-grade credit rating, and leadership in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) space all enable investors to seek returns.

The OECD member countries' infrastructure investment policy is centred on long-term investments and high-quality core infrastructure. 

Toll highways, pipelines, airports and seaports, product terminals, and data centres make up a substantial portion of the portfolio.

The INVL Family Office distributes units of the INVL Partner Global Infrastructure Fund I, which is managed by INVL Asset Management periodically.

The INVL Partner Global Infrastructure Fund I requires a minimum commitment of USD 145,000. The fund's lifespan is 50 years, although there are opportunities for investors to realise their investments sooner.

Source: INVL

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