Investcorp Publishes 2022 ESG Report

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Investcorp, a renowned global alternative investment firm, published its latest annual ESG report, 'Responsible Growth,' at SuperReturn Berlin, where the company proudly serves as the headline sponsor.

The newly released report showcases Investcorp's significant advancements in fulfilling its core commitments of developing sustainable businesses with exceptional performance, driving impactful social change, and channelling resources and capital to expedite decarbonisation efforts.

With a strong emphasis on data and measurement across various relevant ESG factors, the Responsible Growth report establishes the essential foundations for transforming sustainability commitments into tangible actions. This release precedes a series of forthcoming announcements from Investcorp throughout the year, specifically related to sustainable investing initiatives.

Mohammed Alardhi, the Executive Chairman of Investcorp, emphasised the report's extensive coverage of ESG considerations while underscoring the paramount importance of addressing climate change. He expressed Investcorp's commitment to global progress, harnessing data to track achievements, sharing crucial insights with the public, and making significant strides towards sustainability while exploring practical pathways to attain those goals.

The report highlights Investcorp's three core commitments, which serve as the cornerstone for their operations as they strive for excellence:

  • Building high-performing businesses: Investcorp focuses on promoting robust governance practices, fostering stakeholder collaboration, using data to navigate climate-related challenges, and optimising business operations.

  • Driving social impact: The firm actively advocates for diverse and inclusive work environments, supports community well-being, and promotes educational advancement.

  • Transitioning to a zero-carbon economy: Investcorp supports its portfolio companies in aligning with global sustainability objectives and takes concrete steps to reduce its own climate impacts.

Rishi Kapoor, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Investcorp, affirms that the release of the 2022 report is just the beginning of an array of initiatives designed to fulfil their ESG commitments. With its expansive global reach and ample resources, Investcorp believes it possesses the necessary capabilities, expertise, and capacity to effectively address climate challenges and expedite sustainable solutions.

Habib Abdur-Rahman, Head of ESG at Investcorp, underscores the report's significance by highlighting the collaborative efforts between Investcorp and its portfolio companies. It showcases their collective work in understanding and managing the impacts of business activities, driving social change, and reducing their own environmental footprint.

Sustainable value creation remains Investcorp's unwavering focus for both its business and clients and the company eagerly anticipates further collaboration with all stakeholders to achieve this shared objective.

Investcorp has been expanding its investments in companies that play a crucial role in global technology and sustainability transformation. Noteworthy recent acquisitions include leading Chinese renewable energy critical components manufacturer, Shandong Jianuo Electronics Co. Ltd., as well as investments in freight aggregator Trukker, food platform Fresh to Home, power services provider RESA Power, and a strong advocate for the circular economy.

To access Investcorp's comprehensive 2022 Responsible Growth Report, please click here.

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Source: Investcorp


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