Indonesia Offers Sustainable Investment Projects in G20

Published on: 22 March 2022 08:05 AM
by KnowESG

The Indonesian ministry offered 47 viable sustainability projects at the G20 Summit held in Bali, Indonesia. Deputy for Investment Planning at the Investment Ministry, Nurul Ichwan, said the 47 projects were real projects as a pre-feasibility study had already been conducted for them.

Nurul Ichwan said: "This information is a real offer from Indonesia in the G20 because what we are offering is already a real project to them."

Ichwan said that each project indicates its impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He also emphasised Indonesia's goals to achieve sustainability by 2030.

He said the country has several projects related to sustainability investment, including waste treatment and nutmeg plantation projects in West Papua. The initiative is part of the nation's commitment to protecting nature and preventing the Earth from becoming sterile.

The Government of Indonesia offers 47 sustainable investment projects spreading across 33 provinces, including nine projects in Java, eleven in Sumatra, six in Kalimantan, Nine in Sulawesi, three projects in Bali and Nusa Tenggara, and nine in Maluku and Papua.

The projects are spread across several sectors such as tourism, economic zones, manufacturing and infrastructure.