Inaugural ESG Report Released by Byline Bancorp

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Byline Bancorp, Inc., a prominent financial institution, has unveiled its debut ESG Report, providing comprehensive information on its environmental, social, and governance efforts, advancements, and achievements up to 2022.

Roberto R. Herencia, Executive Chairman and CEO of Byline Bancorp, Inc., remarked, "As we publish our first ESG Report, we are proud to highlight Byline's distinct corporate culture and pioneering initiatives that set us apart as a forward-thinking commercial bank. We remain committed to advancing our ESG efforts as we continue to grow in the future."

With a namesake that reflects the concept of authorship in journalism, Byline Bank is a commercial bank with a rich history of over 100 years of championing its local communities, non-profits, and small businesses. Through this inaugural report, Byline Bank showcases its unwavering dedication to its customers, employees, and communities in Chicagoland, Milwaukee, and beyond.

“This is a milestone report that demonstrates Byline’s commitment to being a true community partner and a responsible steward,” said Alberto J. Paracchini, President of Byline Bancorp, Inc. “We look forward to building on this foundation as we grow the bank and move forward with our ESG journey.”

Byline's ESG Report, available on its ESG webpage at, outlines the notable progress the bank has achieved in various areas of its ESG commitment, including:

  • Initiatives for diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Employee engagement and recognition

  • Grant-making and community investment

  • Local community outreach

  • Volunteerism and non-profit partnerships

  • Support for financial literacy and youth education

  • Small business lending and banking support

  • Customer-centric digital enhancements

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