Hospitality Industry Unites to Drive Sustainability

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EcoVadis, in collaboration with prominent global players in the hospitality industry such as Accor, Hilton, IHG Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International, Radisson Hotel Group, as well as two influential hospitality group purchasing organisations, Avendra and Entegra, has announced the launch of the Hospitality Alliance for Responsible Procurement (HARP).

This exciting initiative is born out of a shared commitment among its members to enhance sustainability practices by fostering close cooperation with their trading partners, aiming to establish transparency and magnify the positive impacts throughout their supply chains.

Richard Eyram, Chief Customer Officer at EcoVadis, noted that as businesses aspire to engage their value chain partners in sustainability endeavours, they are recognising the intricate nature and common hurdles within their sector.

Eyram emphasised that it is through partnerships and industry-wide collaboration that the hospitality sector can amplify its collective influence. By uniting their efforts, enabling a more strategic focus, and exchanging best practices, HARP members can concentrate on achieving favourable outcomes that pave the way toward their sustainability objectives.

At the heart of the HARP initiative lies a comprehensive sustainability assessment programme and platform designed to address key challenges encountered by suppliers within the industry's value chain.

These challenges include amplifying visibility by strengthening supplier engagement, commencing with supplier assessments, accelerating supplier performance improvements, and enhancing the significance of these engagements within the industry's vital categories.

To accomplish these ambitious objectives, HARP has chosen to leverage EcoVadis' well-established sustainability rating methodology, scorecards, and improvement platform.

EcoVadis' Sector Initiative capabilities are designed to adhere to antitrust regulations, facilitate more efficient supplier onboarding, promote transparency, encourage collaboration, and enable in-depth analytics.

These capabilities are instrumental in providing HARP with insight into the sustainability performance of the hospitality supply chain, allowing HARP members to implement changes more effectively in alignment with their industry's top priorities.

This, in turn, sends a positive message to their supplier community and provides a clear direction for targeted improvement. To support this focused enhancement and meet the unique requirements of the hospitality industry, HARP member suppliers will have access to additional resources for capacity-building, engagement activities, and a wealth of tools and best practices.

Together, the founding members of HARP have already assessed over 2,000 suppliers since the inception of this initiative. HARP aims to expand this number further, seeking to gain deeper insights into the sustainability performance of its supply chain and striving for maximum improvement.

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Source: EcoVadis


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