Green Goals: Matterport's Hardware Recycling Programme

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In an impressive move towards sustainability, Matterport, has joined forces with BlueStar Services Group, a renowned full-service asset management and recycling company.

This innovative partnership aims to offer Matterport customers in North America a responsible and eco-friendly solution for recycling their hardware and accessories that are no longer operational, including the Pro series cameras and Axis devices.

The alarming reality is that the United Nations reports that less than 20% of electronic waste is recycled, but BlueStar is determined to change this by being a zero-landfill company. Their commitment lies in reducing waste by reusing functional items and responsibly recycling the rest, stepping up where others fall short.

Through this collaboration with BlueStar, Matterport empowers its North American customers to play an active role in reducing their electronic waste impact. By providing a free recycling option for unrepairable Matterport products, the company takes a significant stride towards its sustainability goals, encompassing the entire lifecycle of its offerings.

Qadira Harris, the Senior Director of Global Responsibility at Matterport, emphasises that confronting the carbon cost of their 3D cameras is essential to operating conscientiously in a climate-conscious world. Beyond the production and distribution stages, Matterport aims to address Scope 3 emissions associated with end-of-life support, making the partnership with BlueStar Services a crucial step in this endeavour.

Sustainability is deeply ingrained in Matterport's business philosophy. By creating high-precision, immersive 3D digital twins, the company enables professionals worldwide to work smarter, reducing their reliance on air travel and driving to manage, monitor, or market physical spaces.

Taking their commitment further, Matterport initiated the formalisation of environmental and climate risk strategies in 2022, actively measuring, monitoring, and reducing their carbon footprint. Their first Environmental Sustainability and Governance (ESG) Report, released in 2023, showcases the progress made in these initiatives.

The analysis by carbon accounting specialists in the report reveals that each Matterport digital twin can potentially save an estimated 0.15 tonnes of CO2e emissions on a life-cycle basis. To put this into perspective, it's equivalent to the emissions produced by driving a personal car approximately 444 miles.

The positive impact of Matterport's technology on carbon reduction is clear, as businesses, universities, and the public sector embrace Matterport digital twins to collaborate more efficiently and remotely, aligning with their own sustainability objectives.

To learn more about Matterport's unwavering commitment to ESG and how businesses can align their goals with this groundbreaking technology, visit:

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