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GenCell Energy, a leading provider of hydrogen and ammonia-based power solutions, proudly unveils its first Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) Report, covering the year 2022.

Emphasising their commitment to sustainability and addressing global energy challenges, GenCell's CEO, Rami Reshef, shares the company's vision of "Power for Humanity." This vision expresses their dedication to providing climate-friendly infrastructure that can support society's needs while accelerating sustainable development. The company aims to make a significant impact in the clean energy market, assisting GenCell technology users in achieving their Net-Zero targets.

The ESG report mirrors GenCell's comprehensive dedication to sustainability, clean energy objectives, and the promotion of social and corporate governance initiatives that contribute to the company's overall impact. Three key pillars form the basis of their ESG strategy: Impactful Products, Responsible Manufacturing, and Management & Conduct, areas where GenCell believes it can make the most significant difference.

Under Impactful Products, the company commits to conducting lifecycle analyses (LCA) for its products, working towards measuring and mitigating CO2 emissions and enabling energy access in developing countries.

In Responsible Manufacturing, GenCell will continue to maintain a zero occupational injury rate, implement recycling and zero-waste initiatives, and strive for net-zero emissions by 2035.

In terms of Management & Conduct, the company will focus on developing a Supplier Code of Conduct, conducting ESG assessments of material suppliers, and promoting gender diversity within its Board of Directors.

To achieve its vision of providing reliable, affordable, and clean green energy globally, GenCell understands that its actions must align with its goals. This inaugural ESG report serves as a significant milestone in the company's strategic journey, highlighting its commitment to sustainability principles in its operations and processes.

Lenore Sebag, Legal Counsel and ESG Manager expresses pride in the company's commitments to environmental sustainability, employee wellbeing, professional development, and inclusiveness. GenCell's dedicated team considers themselves pioneers in their fields of activity, striving to promote a sustainable future.

The report presents information in a GRI content index, referencing the GRI Standard, and aligns with SASB standards for the year 2022. GenCell's ESG strategy and report were prepared with the assistance of external ESG consultants, ensuring transparency and credibility. The company conducted rigorous internal and third-party checks on the data presented, providing reasonable confidence in the accuracy of the report's figures and practices.

Read the full ESG report to explore GenCell Energy's remarkable efforts to shape a cleaner energy future while fostering sustainable growth and progress for humanity.

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