Fortune Brands Publishes 2022 ESG Report

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Fortune Brands Innovations, a leading company specialising in home, security, and commercial building products, recently unveiled its 2022 ESG Report. This comprehensive report highlights Fortune Brands' commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, as well as its various initiatives and opportunities.

Nicholas Fink, the Chief Executive Officer of Fortune Brands, stressed the company's strategic position within the thriving sectors of Water, Outdoors, and Security. With a diverse portfolio, Fortune Brands is well-equipped to capitalise on the increasing demand for sustainable, safe, and wellness-focused solutions. Fink highlighted the company's dedication to developing innovative products that address pressing global concerns related to sustainability and safety.

Fortune Brands' ESG approach, known as "ONE Home," centres around its contributions to brand leadership, innovation, and channel excellence. This approach revolves around caring for the Home Planet, ensuring people can be Home Safe, and fostering an inclusive Home For All where the company's team can thrive.

In recent years, Fortune Brands has undertaken significant measures to demonstrate its commitment to ESG and integrate these principles into its core business operations. Despite a year of transformative change in 2022, the company continued to make strides on its ESG journey.

Key milestones achieved in the 2022 ESG report include the launch of new sustainability and safety products, improvements in key safety metrics, the incorporation of sustainability factors into essential processes such as Capital Expense Request and Enterprise Risk Management, a partnership with Yellowstone Forever, the completion of its first submission to the CDP climate survey, the establishment of new Employee Resource Groups, an increase in the number of diverse job applicants, and the successful attainment of meaningful Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) associate representation goals ahead of schedule.

Nicholas Fink expressed his enthusiasm for the progress made in 2022, crediting the organisation's simplified and aligned structure for unlocking new opportunities to drive value through ESG initiatives. Fink is proud to lead a company where associates are deeply passionate about fulfilling dreams of home in an ethical, responsible, and sustainable manner.

Fortune Brands remains committed to continuous improvement across all aspects of its business, including its ESG strategy. The company is dedicated to further enhancing its holistic ESG programme and integrating it seamlessly throughout its operations to meet the expectations and priorities of Fortune Brands and its stakeholders.

To access Fortune Brands' 2022 ESG report or to learn more about the company's ESG programme, visit

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