First Carbon Capture Facility in Cheshire Opened by Tata Chemicals

Published on: 24 June 2022 06:55 PM
by KnowESG

The grand opening of a £20 million carbon capture and usage facility today (June 24) marks an important step toward the UK's net-zero goals.

The Tata Chemicals plant, a first for the UK, will capture 40,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, which is the same as removing almost 20,000 cars from the road and will result in a 10% reduction in carbon emissions.

As it illustrates the practicality of the technology to remove carbon dioxide from power plant emissions and utilise it in high-end manufacturing applications, the Northwich-based project will also help unlock the future of carbon capture in the UK.

In a first for the world, sodium bicarbonate, which will be marketed as Ecokarb, is made using raw materials that include carbon dioxide that has been refined to food-and pharmaceutical-grade standards. Additional patents for this special and cutting-edge method are pending in other important international jurisdictions.

More than 60 nations will receive Ecokarb exports, bringing a huge amount of export sales annually. To treat people with renal illness, a large portion of the sodium bicarbonate exported will be used in hemodialyses.

With the help of a £4.2 million grant from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy's ("BEIS") Energy Innovation Programme, TCE will be able to produce sodium bicarbonate that has a net-zero carbon footprint and one of the lowest carbon footprint sodium carbonate products in the world thanks to the carbon capture plant.

Martin Ashcroft, Managing Director of Tata Chemicals Europe, said: "Our plant is really important in demonstrating the viability of the technology required to remove carbon dioxide from power plant emissions, helping to de-risk potentially larger investments in the future.

"Today marks a key development in our low carbon transition, helping to develop more sustainable manufacturing techniques that can be applied at a global level.

"It also highlights our commitment to provide long-term, high-quality jobs in our local communities, which is a key part of our modern industrial strategy as we work towards a net-zero economy.”

Speaking ahead of the opening of the plant, Mike Amesbury, MP for Weaver Vale, said: “Manufacturing has been key to this area for over 150 years, so it’s great to be part of such a historic moment.

“Even though today, there are many competing agendas, sustainability is still crucial and we must continue working towards Net-Zero.

“The investment made by Tata Chemicals Europe in this leading-edge carbon capture plant will not only support the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions here, but it will also pave the way for others to use this technology.

"Tata Chemicals Europe helps support over 1000 jobs so this type of sustainable investment will help secure chemical manufacturing in Cheshire for future generations."

Source: Knutsford Guardian

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