Ferrero Group Publishes 2022 Sustainability Report

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The Ferrero Group has made a significant announcement, confirming that it is well on its way to achieving its crucial sustainability goals and targets.

The Group's remarkable progress is documented in its 14th Sustainability Report, which showcases the actions taken during the 2021/22 financial year across four fundamental pillars: environmental protection, sustainable sourcing, responsible consumption promotion, and empowering people.

Giovanni Ferrero, the Executive Chairman of the Ferrero Group, commented on the challenges faced in the past financial year, including war, supply chain disruptions, surging energy costs, and inflation impacting raw material expenses.

Despite these obstacles, Ferrero not only managed to grow but also made substantial strides towards numerous sustainability targets, surpassing expectations in certain areas.

Within the Ferrero Group's comprehensive sustainability framework, known as Ferrero Farming Values (FFV), a commitment is made to enhance and support sustainable sourcing practices for ingredients as well as knowledge sharing throughout the value chain.

In the 2021/22 period, the FFV programme provided personalised coaching to 32% of cocoa farmers for farm and business planning, while group training involved 155,000 cocoa farmers.

The sustainability report further highlights the Group's achievement of farm-level traceability in over 96% of its cocoa supply volume and the sourcing of 82% of cocoa from dedicated farmer groups supported by Ferrero. Despite the complexities of the supply chain, an overall traceability rate of 79% is reported for all sourced hazelnuts.

Additional noteworthy accomplishments highlighted in the Ferrero Group's Sustainability Progress Report include the fact that 92% of the company's global electricity now originates from renewable sources, marking an increase from 84% in the previous year.

The report also emphasises that 100% of the palm oil used by Ferrero is RSPO-certified segregated, with 99.95% of it traceable to 146 palm oil mills and 722 plantations.

This segregation model ensures that sustainable palm oil is kept separate throughout the supply chain, and Ferrero has been among the first global companies to source 100% RSPO-certified segregated palm oil since 2015.

Moreover, the Group successfully completed its four-year Cocoa and Forest Initiative (CFI) plan, surpassing the majority of its targets. The Ferrero Cocoa Programme enlisted over 170,000 farmers, with 161,000 (95%) being polygon mapped in 2021/22, exceeding the initial target of 153,000.

The publication of Ferrero's inaugural Human Rights Report in late 2021 is another significant milestone highlighted in the sustainability report. The report focuses on ten key human rights issues across all value chains, irrespective of product or geography, and showcases Ferrero's efforts to address these issues.

Lapo Civiletti, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ferrero Group, expressed satisfaction with the progress made in each of the four pillars of their sustainability framework.

Despite the challenging economic and geopolitical environment, the Group has increased investments to ensure exceptional levels of quality, freshness, and safety across all products while simultaneously reducing its environmental impact.

For more detailed information on Ferrero's Sustainability Report 2022, please visit the provided link.

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