Fairstone Bank of Canada Publishes First ESG Report

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Fairstone Bank of Canada and its subsidiary, Fairstone Financial Inc. (referred to as "Fairstone"), have published their inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report detailing their sustainable development approach and performance.

Fairstone's 2022 ESG report offers a comprehensive review of its environmental, social, and governance approach, covering its impact on society and the environment.

The report details Fairstone's governance, environmental and social framework and outlines its ESG priorities across five pillars: empowering employees, supporting customer growth, building communities, protecting shared value, and reducing operational impact.

The report enhances transparency and demonstrates performance on pertinent ESG topics, creating value for Fairstone's stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors, and local communities across Canada.

Scott Wood, President and CEO of Fairstone, said, "We are delighted to publish our first ESG report, reflecting our dedication to ESG as a vital aspect of our people's well-being, our ability to serve our customers better and operate responsibly within our communities."

The report showcases Fairstone's recent accomplishments in promoting diversity and inclusion, employee well-being, calculating its carbon footprint, and supporting local communities. It also outlines Fairstone's commitment to establishing ESG quantified targets, including its goal of reducing and further measuring its operational impact in the coming years.

Mr. Wood added, "As a responsible corporate citizen striving to achieve sustainable growth, we are dedicated to integrating ESG factors that we identify as a priority for our business and stakeholders into our operations. The release of our inaugural ESG report is a significant milestone in demonstrating our commitment to achieving meaningful and valuable sustainable business practices."

To access Fairstone's ESG Report and its accomplishments in 2022, please find the complete report here.

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