Etihad's 2022 Sustainability Report Released

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Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, has released its annual sustainability report, highlighting its commitment to sustainability and progress towards sustainability goals.

In 2022, the airline successfully reduced CO2 emissions per Revenue Tonne Kilometer (RTK) by an impressive 26% to 482g compared to the 2019 baseline.

Etihad's sustainability strategy focuses on implementing in-sector measures to achieve emissions reductions, aligning with industry frameworks, collaborating with UAE industrial ecosystems, promoting transparency, and developing a strategic roadmap for targets.

Antonoaldo Neves, CEO of Etihad Aviation Group, expressed the company's dedication to reducing environmental impact and ensuring sustainable operations. He emphasised collaboration, transparency, and innovation as the foundation of their sustainability strategy. Etihad aims to work with partners, industry peers, and government agencies to drive positive change and lead the way towards a greener future in aviation.

Highlights from Etihad's sustainability efforts in 2023 include achieving significant CO2 emissions reductions, signing agreements for collaboration on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) credits, partnering with key UAE stakeholders to develop SAF production capability, and operating net-zero flights powered by SAF.

Etihad also continued its efforts in wildlife conservation and protection of biodiversity, including planting 68,916 Mangrove trees as part of the Etihad Mangroves Forest project.

To access the complete 2022 Sustainability Report, you can download it here.

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Source: Etihad Airways

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