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ESG Book and Arcesium, two industry leaders, have unveiled an exciting partnership geared towards providing institutional investors with cutting-edge sustainability data.

ESG Book, renowned globally for its sustainability data and technology solutions, is now seamlessly integrated with Arcesium's scalable cloud-native technology, thereby offering next-generation sustainability analysis for over 50,000 publicly listed corporations worldwide.

The partnership comes in response to the surging market demand for high-quality and granular ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and climate data.

This demand is largely driven by the escalating global regulations surrounding sustainability. A recent Bloomberg survey revealed that over 90% of corporate executives are planning substantial increases in their spending on ESG data this year. The consensus among these executives is that investing in ESG data is essential to remain competitive and attain a strategic edge in the market.

The collaboration between Arcesium and ESG Book will enable mutual clients to access a plethora of sustainability insights for activities such as security selection, portfolio management, and data analytics.

ESG Book's data offerings, including their scores, raw attributes, SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation), and emissions datasets, will be seamlessly integrated with Arcesium's highly customisable Financial Data Stack and the purpose-built Aquata™ data platform. This integration empowers institutions to make informed investment decisions from a unified source of data.

David Nable, Head of Client and Partner Development at Arcesium, highlighted the significance of this partnership, stating, "By combining ESG Book’s high-quality data with Arcesium’s unparalleled technology, we’re equipping our clients with the tools necessary to navigate the increasingly complex landscape of sustainable investing. With robust capabilities to ingest, consolidate, analyse, and report on data, this integration is designed to empower institutional investors in effectively managing their sustainable investment initiatives."

Dr. Daniel Klier, CEO of ESG Book, emphasised the growing demand for high-quality ESG data within the financial markets.

He stated, "The surge in demand for comprehensive ESG data is being driven by the need for investors to adhere to regulatory requirements and satisfy clients' desires for greater transparency regarding non-financial matters. We are thrilled to partner with Arcesium, providing clients with access to high-quality, fully traceable ESG data that enhances portfolio management and risk assessment."

ESG Book's data-driven solutions have been developed to address various challenges prevalent in the current market, including opacity in score methodologies, lack of standardisation, and the limited ability to measure industry- and sector-specific metrics.

Arcesium's unified platform, equipped with industry-specific capabilities, is designed to harmonise extensive, disparate data sources and deliver unmatched speed, accuracy, and decision-making capabilities. Together, the cloud-native technologies of Arcesium and ESG Book empower institutional investors to access, manage, and disclose ESG data in a digitised, secure, and centralised manner.

To explore the capabilities of Aquata, visit the Aquata Data Platform.

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