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ERM, recognised as the world's largest pure play sustainability consultancy, has unveiled its annual Sustainability Report, providing insights into the company's dedicated efforts in shaping a sustainable future alongside leading organisations worldwide.

Through collaborations with clients and partners, ERM has expanded its global influence, addressing climate, nature, and social challenges.

The report showcases notable achievements from the fiscal year 2023, emphasising ERM's contributions to renewable energy capacity, land remediation, and assisting clients in transitioning to a lower-carbon economy.

ERM's Sustainability Report underlines the organisation's commitment to forging a sustainable future in partnership with the world's premier companies. This comprehensive report unveils the wide-reaching impact of ERM's collaborations, spanning climate action, biodiversity conservation, and social issues.

By providing a detailed account of its achievements in the fiscal year 2023, ERM demonstrates its dedication to driving positive change alongside its clients and partners.

The Sustainability Report highlights ERM's steadfast growth strategy during FY23, which included strategic acquisitions meant to improve capabilities and broaden its sphere of influence.

Notable additions to the ERM family include NINT, a Latin-American consultancy specialising in sustainable finance and ESG advisory services; Coho, a global advisory firm focused on climate resilience and renewable energy; and MarineSpace, a marine planning and environmental consultancy.

Furthermore, ERM's global partnerships with Salesforce, Persefoni, Novata, and Planet showcase the company's commitment to addressing evolving client needs across the sustainability value chain.

ERM's Sustainability Report not only outlines its progress toward achieving science-based targets and operational net zero by 2025 but also highlights the company's dedication to biodiversity protection and restoration.

By publishing its Biodiversity Policy and actively integrating it into its operations, client engagements, and partnerships, including the ERM Foundation, ERM underscores its commitment to safeguarding Earth's natural resources.

Moreover, ERM's engagement in various sustainability initiatives, such as joining the Make it Mandatory campaign and supporting the pilot for the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) framework, showcases the company's broader efforts in tackling sustainability challenges.

ERM's Annual Sustainability Report serves as a testament to the company's unwavering dedication to advancing sustainable practices worldwide. By showcasing its achievements, collaborative partnerships, and contributions to various sustainability initiatives, ERM demonstrates its ability to drive positive change and operationalise sustainability at scale.

As ERM continues to navigate the sustainability landscape, the report highlights the urgency to shape a more sustainable future, emphasising the pivotal role played by businesses and the wider sustainability ecosystem in addressing global challenges.

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