Energinet Begins Offshore Wind Farm Feasibility Studies

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by KnowESG
Kriegers Flak

Energinet's board has officially approved the initiation of feasibility studies for offshore wind farms in the North Sea I, Kattegat II, and Kriegers Flak II. This comes after the Minister for Climate, Energy, and Supply directed Energinet to begin feasibility studies in June 2022.

The three areas where Energinet is initiating feasibility studies have been designated by the Danish Energy Agency after a thorough screening concludes that the areas are deemed suitable for setting up offshore wind.

According to the 2022 Finance Act, an additional 2 GW of offshore wind power must be installed by 2030. And as part of the Climate Agreement on Green Power and Heat 2022 (approved in June 2022), regions capable of accommodating an additional 4 GW of offshore wind will be built before the end of 2030.

The political goals for more offshore wind before 2030 are high. The company is taking several steps forward with initiating feasibility studies because feasibility studies are required before we can build an offshore wind farm, says Stine Rabech Nielsen, programme manager at Energinet.

According to Stine Rabech Nielsen, the preliminary studies at sea involve, among other things, seabed studies, which should give the installers a good idea of where to place the individual turbines and wires. The preliminary investigation also includes analyses of wind, wave, and environmental characteristics that could affect the feasibility of installing offshore wind in the area.

The research findings will be made public so that the businesses bidding to build the offshore wind farm are aware of the situation and its possible dangers.

Source: Energinet

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