Encore Wire's First ESG Report Reveals New Strategy

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Encore Wire Corporation has released its inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report. The detailed report presents the company's plan for incorporating ESG management into its overall corporate strategy and showcases its sustainability accomplishments thus far.

Daniel L. Jones, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Encore Wire Corporation, said, “Sustainability is a vital part of Encore Wire’s rich history and long-term commitment to our community. Over the past ten years, our ESG initiatives have helped us make and sell new, high-quality products to our customers. The results of our projects have shown that doing things responsibly and sustainably is important for the future of our company. The strategies detailed in the 2022 ESG Report have formalised our commitment to sustainability. We look forward to continuing to improve our position as a sustainable and responsible company in our industry.”

Encore Wire's 2022 ESG Report encompasses the following highlights:

  • The company's dedication to effectively managing ESG risks and opportunities.

  • A Materiality Assessment, utilising the Global Reporting Initiative's methodology, to identify and prioritise key ESG topics.

  • A comprehensive explanation of the ESG Strategy and Governance Framework, outlining Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Waste Management and Recycling, Water Management, Employee Wellness and Satisfaction, and Sustainability Governance as current focal points.

  • Work plans, objectives, and goals to track progress for each focus area.

  • 2022 metrics for essential material topics.

  • Accomplishments achieved to date on ESG initiatives.

  • Disclosure of pertinent ESG metrics as per the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board's framework.

To access Encore Wire's 2022 ESG report, please visit Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) | Encore Wire Corporation.

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