Covia Issues Eighteenth Successive ESG Report

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Covia Holdings LLC unveils 18th Consecutive Report on Corporate Responsibility, titled "Where We're Going," encapsulating the company's global ESG initiatives, activities, and performance in 2022.

Aligned with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Metals and Mining Industry Standard, this marks the fourth consecutive year of reporting under this standard.

This report signifies the inaugural year of progress measured against Covia's comprehensive ESG strategic plan, "Goals that Inspire." Introduced in their 2021 report, these 10 goals were developed collaboratively with a diverse group of internal experts and external partners, focusing on Environmental Stewardship, Positive Social Impact, and Responsible Governance and Ethics.

Additionally, the report highlights noteworthy accomplishments from 2022, including:

  • Safety: Achieving a 10% reduction in the company-wide all-incidence rate compared to the previous year.

  • Community: Contributing 10,800 volunteer hours and investing around $1.2 million in local communities, supporting meaningful causes.

  • Environment: Allocating $1.7 million to capital projects aimed at curbing carbon emissions.

  • Corporate Responsibility: Becoming a signatory to the UN Global Compact.

Andrew Eich, Covia's President and CEO, commented on the 2022 report, expressing gratitude towards the company's dedicated team members and their shared commitment to building a company that leaves a positive impact. Eich emphasised the collective efforts of all Covia locations, underscoring the significance of individual actions that steer them towards their desired path.

The report is accessible in French, English, and Spanish at

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Source: Covia


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