China Telecom Wins Gold for Best ESG Strategy

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China Telecom Corporation Limited is proud to announce that it has won the prestigious Gold Award for "Best Corporate ESG Strategy in China" in the 2023 "Asia's Best Managed Companies Poll" by FinanceAsia, a well-known financial magazine in Asia.

This year marks the 23rd edition of FinanceAsia's "Asia's Best Managed Companies" poll, in which influential investors and financial analysts from the Asian region participated to share their perspectives on various listed companies.

The poll's criteria encompassed overall management, corporate governance, investor relations, and corporate social responsibility, all contributing to the selection of the finest managed companies in Asia.

China Telecom's receipt of numerous awards from FinanceAsia and other top competitions stands as a testament to the unwavering endorsement from the investment community.

These accolades recognise China Telecom's continuous and exceptional management performance, sound corporate governance, and strong commitment to investor relations. Notably, the company's remarkable execution capabilities and transparency have positioned it as a leader in the APAC region.

China Telecom extends heartfelt gratitude to the capital market, investors, and analysts for their unwavering support, trust, and commendation throughout its journey. Such recognition further motivates the company to persist in its pursuit of excellence, ensuring it continues to set benchmarks in the industry.

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