Callan Unveils ESG Insights from Asset Managers

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Callan, a prominent institutional investment consulting firm, has unveiled the outcomes of its inaugural 2023 Asset Manager ESG Study, shedding light on how asset managers have responded to ESG-related inquiries meticulously gathered within Callan's exclusive database.

Collating insights from a diverse range of over 1,200 organisations, this study offers a comprehensive understanding of how asset managers incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into their investment procedures.

Tom Shingler, the Senior Vice President and ESG Practice Leader at Callan explained the shift in their approach, stating, "After a decade of publishing ESG surveys targeting asset owners, we opted for a fresh perspective this year. This study, which leverages the responses of asset managers to Callan's ESG inquiries concerning the integration of ESG factors into their investment processes, serves as the foundation for our benchmarking efforts and the analysis of evolving trends over time."

Callan's plan involves the release of this study every two years, while the asset owner ESG survey will resume in 2024.

Findings include:

  • 77% of asset managers seamlessly integrate ESG research into their investment platforms.

  • Approximately 74% have embraced a comprehensive ESG policy that governs their entire organisation.

  • 69% invest in third-party ESG data, facilitating a more comprehensive understanding of ESG considerations.

  • 59% of equity managers have tailored proxy voting policies that specifically address ESG-related issues, underscoring the sector's commitment to responsible investment.

  • Half of the surveyed asset managers identify equity as their primary asset class, encompassing public equity, fixed income, real estate, and private equity.

  • 41% of these institutions have dedicated full-time ESG professionals, highlighting their commitment to effectively integrating ESG principles.

  • 39% publish quarterly or annual sustainability or ESG reports, enhancing transparency and accountability in their ESG practices.

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