Cabot Enhances Sustainability with ISCC PLUS

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Cabot Corporation has made a significant announcement revealing its attainment of International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS certification for six of its facilities.

Remarkably, Cabot has now outpaced all other carbon black manufacturers by securing the highest number of ISCC PLUS-certified sites.

The company is not stopping there; it harbours intentions to expand this certification across its global network. The current roster of certified facilities includes three carbon reinforcement plants spanning Europe and the Americas, alongside two masterbatch and compounding facilities located in Europe, in addition to Cabot's regional headquarters for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Achieving ISCC PLUS certification exemplifies Cabot's deep-seated commitment to advancing circularity and traceability, as well as its dedication to assisting customers in realising their sustainability objectives by offering sustainable solutions on a global scale.

In the wake of growing global awareness surrounding sustainability, companies worldwide are setting forth ambitious sustainability objectives in support of the transition towards a circular, net-zero economy.

Industrial manufacturers, in particular, are keen to incorporate materials derived from recovered or renewable sources, and they are on the lookout for certified materials that can accelerate the circular economy while concurrently reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Products emanating from Cabot's ISCC PLUS-certified facilities adhere rigorously to ISCC PLUS requirements, strategically tapping into circular value chains and certified feedstocks within their manufacturing processes.

Cabot recently introduced its EVOLVE® Sustainable Solutions technology platform, specifically crafted to deliver products that offer a unique blend of sustainable content and dependable performance on an industrial scale.

Cabot has already launched two ISCC PLUS certified products powered by the EVOLVE® Sustainable Solutions platform, namely VULCAN® 7H-C circular reinforcing carbon and STERLING® SO-RC110 circular reinforcing carbon. These innovative products are crafted through a mass-balance approach meticulously designed to trace the movement of materials throughout intricate value chains.

Aatif Misbah, Vice President and General Manager of Sustainable Solutions, emphasised Cabot's commitment to leadership in the industry by taking action that aligns with its 2025 sustainability goals and its vision for a lower-carbon future.

Misbah remarked, "The launch of our EVOLVE Sustainable Solutions technology platform is a testament to our commitment to collaborate with our suppliers to deliver innovative, sustainable solutions that incorporate decarbonisation and circular economy strategies. Industry certifications, like ISCC PLUS, help solidify our commitments for our customers and offer the necessary chain of custody verification by third parties to ensure the integrity and performance of our global supply chain."

Cabot's EVOLVE Sustainable Solutions technology platform presently concentrates on delivering sustainable reinforcing carbons through the utilisation of circular value chains and materials sourced from end-of-life tires, renewable and bio-based materials, as well as processes designed to curtail GHG emissions.

The company anticipates extending the platform's reach to encompass other segments within its portfolio, with a strong focus on crafting novel sustainable solutions suitable for a broader spectrum of applications, particularly in the realm of plastics.

With ISCC PLUS certification at its masterbatch and compounding facilities, Cabot is well-positioned to deliver the performance, quality, and consistency that the plastics industry demands, all at a scale that meets the requirements for certified solutions.

For those seeking additional insights into EVOLVE and Cabot's ISCC PLUS certified product offerings, more information can be found at

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