Brown Advisory Rolls Out Sustainable Value Mutual Fund

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Brown Advisory has introduced a new fund called the Brown Advisory Sustainable Value Fund. As a global investment management and strategic advisory firm, it currently has $128.4 billion in client assets.

The main objective of the Brown Advisory Sustainable Value Fund is to invest in large companies with durable fundamentals and capital discipline that are undervalued according to the portfolio manager's assessment and meet the Fund's Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria. The fund will evaluate investments based on both fundamental and ESG factors to identify high-quality securities that have sustainable cash flow advantages.

The Brown Advisory Sustainable Value Fund is now a part of Brown Advisory's institutional sustainable strategies, which currently manage over $22.9 billion in assets.

The fund will integrate investment analysis and fundamental research with ESG risk evaluation to identify companies with a sustainable cash flow advantage over their competitors.

These companies have sustainable strategies or attributes that could impact company culture, operational excellence, and recurring revenue, potentially leading to positive ESG outcomes.

The growing demand for investment decisions that incorporate ESG research has created a gap at the intersection between sustainability and value. A strategy is needed that can identify companies traditionally perceived as "value stocks" and offer investors opportunities for compelling sustainability journeys.

The Brown Advisory Sustainable Value Fund will be managed by Michael Poggi, who has been an equity analyst at Brown Advisory since 2003. Mr. Poggi has covered various sectors with a primary focus on value investment opportunities. He will lead a team of sector specialists and ESG experts, including Katherine Kroll, the Director of Equity ESG research and strategy.

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“The Sustainable Value Fund is unique because it combines Brown Advisory’s expertise in sustainable research with our years of experience in large cap and value investing,” said Michael Poggi, CFA. “We believe that this approach allows us to uncover undervalued companies that others may overlook. We believe that the result of integrating our fundamental research with an ESG lens and utilising our extensive and diverse team of analysts will drive our ability to deliver returns for our investors.”

“When assessing a company from an ESG lens, we seek to understand both a company’s management of its risks, but also its ability to execute on ESG opportunities,” said Katherine Kroll. “Specifically, within our Large-Cap Sustainable Value strategy, we look for companies with what we call “sustainable cash flow advantages” which can be identified through sustainable drivers tied to people, process and/or products.”

For over a decade, Brown Advisory has been dedicated to sustainable investing and active portfolio management through bottom-up research. The Brown Advisory Sustainable Value Fund will complement its current offerings and provide clients with a product that caters to the increasing demand for large-cap, value-focused, and sustainable investment options.

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