Bridge House Advisors and Novata Announce Strategic Partnership to Accelerate ESG Adoption in Private Markets

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Novata, the leading ESG data management platform built for the private markets, and Bridge House Advisors (Bridge House), an environmental and ESG/sustainability advisory firm, have announced a strategic partnership to advance ESG progress and adoption in the private markets.

After a thorough market review, Bridge House has identified Novata as a provider of choice for clients in the private markets space to help them collect, manage, and analyse ESG data.

Novata provides customers with a clear on-ramp for selecting ESG metrics, painless data collection and data insights and analytics tools to inform investment decisions. Novata is a public benefit corporation started by the Ford Foundation, Hamilton Lane, S&P Global, Omidyar Network, and more than a dozen private equity firms and pension funds. Its goal is to help make capitalism more sustainable and open to more people.

Scott Kennedy, Co-Founder and President of Novata, said, "Many of our clients have found Bridge House to be the best-in-class partner to help them with their ESG programmes throughout the entire fund investment lifecycle, pre-investment due diligence for new transactions, and post-close corporate services. We are pleased to now systematically enable Novata clients to leverage Bridge House’s expertise across the full range of GP’s ESG needs and ultimately improve these outcomes.”

Bridge House Advisors was started in 2017 to help investors and businesses be more stable and competitive by giving them strategic environmental and sustainability advice. Bridge House believes ESG excellence is a proxy for good business.

Jeff Gibbons, an ESG Business Advisor at Bridge House Advisors, said, "Novata's technology platform has been a great addition to our processes. It lets Bridge House teams spend less time managing and collecting data and more time helping GPs figure out how to improve performance. More of our clients using Novata's technology is good for Bridge House, our clients, and society and the planet in the long run."

With regulators, investors, customers, and employees putting more pressure on companies to be more open with their data, Novata's platform, made by the GP community, is a simple first step for private equity and private credit firms that want to collect ESG data. Bridge House and Novata will offer clients the guidance and solutions needed to make real traction and progress on ESG initiatives.

“Leveraging both Bridge House & Novata’s expertise helped drive and enhance the most important output of any ESG program: positive change at portfolio companies,” said Tim Poché, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operations Officer at Bernhard Capital Partners. “Novata’s technology allowed the Bridge House team to reallocate time and resources from managing data to interpreting data and setting goals to help us drive change. We could not be happier with the results for all of Bernhard’s stakeholders.”

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