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Bormioli Pharma has presented the second edition of its Sustainability Report, which aims to reaffirm and strengthen the company's commitment to environmental and social responsibility, in line with its mission to 'Make health a positive practice, accessible to everyone, kind to the planet'.

The report includes new objectives and governance systems through which Bormioli Pharma intends to achieve a more sustainable development path, such as confirming the target of 30% CO2 reduction by 2030, introducing new goals like conducting a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis on a glass product by the end of this year and completing the assessment of 'Scope 3' emissions by 2025.

Bormioli Pharma has also confirmed the '50in5' target of increasing the share of sustainable raw materials in production processes, which has already reached 39% in 2022, towards a target of 50% by 2025.

The goal of reducing water consumption has been made more challenging, raising it from -30% to -41% compared to the consumption recorded in 2021, supported by the company's achievement of a 35% reduction in 2022.

The report also highlights the company's efforts to promote Diversity & Inclusion, with the publication of a company policy dedicated to these issues in 2022 and the implementation of a structured training course for the entire workforce by 2025. The goal of closing the gender pay gap by 2028 has also been confirmed.

Despite geopolitical and macroeconomic challenges in 2022, including the war in Ukraine and rising energy prices, Bormioli Pharma has ensured production continuity, solidifying its position as a trusted partner for the international pharmaceutical industry.

The second edition of the ESG Report reflects the company's ongoing commitment to creating products with low environmental impact, optimising industrial processes for sustainability, and enhancing diversity and talent across the organisation.

In addition to focusing on product offerings and industrial processes, the second edition of the Sustainability Report emphasises the importance of monitoring the entire supply chain. Bormioli Pharma has confirmed its commitment to assessing 90% of suppliers on the international EcoVadis platform by 2026, ensuring that the supply chain adheres to the same high ESG standards as the company.

The report also introduces organisational innovations, such as stakeholder involvement in materiality analysis and the establishment of a dedicated team led by an ESG Manager responsible for overseeing actions to achieve set objectives across all corporate functions.

The economic results for 2022, with a turnover of over 315 million euros and a growth of over +20% compared to 2021, confirm the success of Bormioli Pharma's strategic choices and highlight the company's ability to plan long-term economic development while creating value for people, the environment, and society.

You can download the ESG report here.

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