BlackRock Helps Clients Achieve Net-Zero Transition

Published on: 7 February 2022 12:45 PM
by KnowESG

A Brief Summary

BlackRock has offered its clients products and services that will help them move towards a net-zero world. The firm communicated through a letter to its clients.

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The letter mainly focuses on how to achieve net-zero targets by adopting certain best practices and technological solutions offered by the firm to its clients. According to BlackRock, decarbonisation is gaining attention and countries accounting for 95% of global emissions committed to reaching net-zero emissions in the coming years.

However, the speed at which the transition progresses is uncertain, owing to the pandemic impacting most countries, where a revived focus on fossil fuels is gradually gaining momentum.

The firm created 'the BlackRock Transition Scenario', which helps investors move away from fossils fuels and adopts impact technologies, sectors and regions.

A huge sum of money is already set aside for products focused on environmental, social and governance-related investments. The firm also has plans to launch more active and passively managed products to help clients access climate-aware strategies.