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Betolar, the pioneering sustainable construction materials company, has been selected as a finalist in two esteemed categories of the Responsible Business Awards 2023, organised by Reuters Events: Sustainable Development Goals and Product Innovations.

The final competition and rankings announcement will be held on November 1st, 2023, at the Responsible Business Awards event in London.

During this summer, Betolar successfully conducted large-scale tests on low-carbon building products, unveiling the world's lowest-emission hollow-core slabs.

The company is also actively developing innovative solutions for the mining industry's structures and promoting the circular economy for industrial by-products previously treated as waste.

Ville Voipio, the Chief Commercial Officer of Betolar, emphasised the importance of gaining international visibility for their commercial solutions as a growth company.

The Reuters Events Responsible Business Awards recognise companies driving sustainable development transformation in their respective industries. With 14 competition categories covering various aspects of responsible business, companies are acknowledged for their sustainable development innovations, business models, social responsibility, and support for financing.

Betolar's core innovation, the Geoprime solution, offers a groundbreaking approach by partially or entirely replacing cement in concrete products. This innovation significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to traditional materials. Additionally, Betolar follows the principles of the circular economy, recycling waste streams from one industry into valuable raw materials for another, addressing cement-substituting material shortages.

The company's systematic sustainability goals align with various United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, contributing to positive change in infrastructure, urban ecosystems, consumption patterns, and climate actions. Operating on a licensing model, Betolar supports concrete manufacturers in adopting low-emission materials without significant investments or changes to their existing facilities and equipment.

Betolar's transformative approach fosters more sustainable development in the entire construction industry. To learn more about the awards and other finalists, visit: Reuters Events Responsible Business Awards - Finalists.

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