Badger Meter Publishes 2022 Sustainability Report

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Badger Meter announced the release of its 2022 Sustainability Report, highlighting the company's strong commitment and notable progress in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives.

With a longstanding dedication to corporate social responsibility, Badger Meter, a water-focused company, draws inspiration from its vision and values to enhance its technology-driven, customer-centric solutions.

The company's extensive portfolio of smart water offerings plays a pivotal role in addressing global water challenges. Throughout 2022, Badger Meter demonstrated that it is possible to achieve both financial strength and sustainability performance by prioritising the efficiency and sustainability needs of its customers, according to Kenneth C. Bockhorst, Chairman, President, and CEO.

The Sustainability Report centres around four strategic pillars: governance, Products, Operations, and people, which serve as guiding principles for ESG-related matters at Badger Meter. The report highlights several advancements, including:

  • Establishing a more ambitious greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity reduction target, building upon the strong performance achieved from the original 2020 baseline and goal, both in absolute and intensity terms.

  • Sharing details from a global employee engagement survey, with an impressive 93% participation rate in the second annual survey. Employees voiced their perspectives on areas of strength and opportunities for improvement while working at Badger Meter.

  • Incorporating additional data elements aligned with reporting standards such as GRI, SASB, and TCFD, encompassing tax and public policy spending.

  • Expanding the diversity of the Board of Directors, with minority representation accounting for 44% of the current Board.

  • Establishing local "green teams" in key locations, aiming to further embed a culture of sustainability throughout the organisation on a global scale.

Bockhorst emphasised that Badger Meter remains unwavering in its commitment to integrating ESG principles into its business strategies and practices, employing a continuous improvement approach. This commitment aligns with how the company sets strategies, manages crucial business processes, and evaluates progress across all aspects of the organisation.

To access the complete Sustainability Report, click here.

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