ATRenew Publishes 2022 ESG Report

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ATRenew Inc. has released its 2022 ESG report. The company's commitment to promoting sustainable consumption and fostering a circular economy is emphasised in the report. The report focuses on sustainable development and how it addresses the concerns of important stakeholders.

The report demonstrates the company's commitment to cultivating the circular economy and promoting sustainable consumption while addressing stakeholders' concerns about long-term development. Among the highlights of the company's ESG efforts are:

Green Operations and Energy Conservation: ATRenew implemented proactive emissions reduction and energy conservation measures, resulting in a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the company focused on increasing the reuse of packaging materials and accepting responsibility for green electronic waste disposal.

Broadening the Circular Economy Ecosystem: ATRenew expanded its services to include multi-category recycling, promoting the circular cycle of "make-use-recycle-reuse." They also increased the number of offline stores and installed self-service recycling kiosks for used mobile phones, which improved service accessibility.

Strengthening Governance Structure: ATRenew aimed to lay the groundwork for long-term development by establishing a more inclusive board structure, improving internal control and audit systems, and maintaining intellectual property protection. The company's ESG rating has also improved, with recognition of its low risk of material ESG factors.

Putting People First and Giving Back: ATRenew prioritised talent development and employee well-being through various initiatives. The company was also involved in philanthropy, making donations and providing pre-owned electronic learning devices to rural students.

ATRenew focuses on these areas in order to contribute to a more sustainable and responsible approach to the pre-owned electronics industry while also meeting the needs of its stakeholders.

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