Arxada Publishes First ESG Report

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Arxada AG, a leading global provider of innovative specialty chemicals, has released its inaugural sustainability report titled "The Power of Science and Sustainability."

The report marks a significant milestone in Arxada's commitment to creating a sustainable future and showcases the company's progress, metrics, and initiatives that contribute to its long-term success.

By developing cleaner and greener solutions, Arxada is spearheading an industry-wide shift towards more sustainable alternatives, addressing pressing preservation challenges related to human health, infrastructure, and the environment.

Marc Doyle, the CEO of Arxada, emphasised the company's unwavering focus on sustainability since its inception. He highlighted their proactive efforts to reduce environmental impact during the foundation and early growth stages, making substantial investments and refining their sustainability strategy.

Arxada aims to assist its customers in adapting to long-term environmental and social changes by actively developing eco-friendly solutions while decreasing their collective environmental footprint.

Rick Strittmatter, Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer at Arxada stressed the company's strong connection between sustainability, innovation, and technology. Recognising the importance of maintaining the well-being of people, places, and the planet, Arxada is dedicated to advancing sustainability through various initiatives. These include harnessing existing technologies to protect public health and developing new, greener chemistries and products.

The sustainability report focuses on three strategic pillars:


Arxada is committed to operating in an eco-efficient manner while respecting natural resources. The company has submitted targets to the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) for validation in 2023, aiming for net-zero emissions by 2050. Leveraging its expertise in manufacturing process technology, Arxada is working on more efficient processes for key chemistries, with a focus on resource efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Arxada's products and solutions aim to safeguard human health, enhance the durability of infrastructure, and preserve the overall health of the planet. The company continually strives to improve the sustainability of its products throughout their lifecycle, aligning with global regulatory requirements and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This involves careful consideration of materials sourcing and utilising science to drive sustainability advancements.


Arxada is dedicated to fostering an inclusive culture that supports the growth and well-being of its employees while enabling positive impacts in local communities. Through programmes, benefits, and structures, the company empowers its workforce to thrive, creating a sense of inclusivity for all.

Marilyn Johnson, Global Sustainability Leader at Arxada, expressed enthusiasm for the company's progress in achieving sustainability goals outlined within the three pillars. While acknowledging that their sustainability journey is still in its early stages, Johnson said that sustainability is not only crucial for Arxada's business operations but also presents significant opportunities with profound impacts, positioning it as one of the most vital business endeavours of our time.

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