Argenta Goes ESG with Moody's

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Argenta Syndicate Management Limited (ASML), a subsidiary of Argenta Holdings Limited, has taken a significant step towards bolstering its commitment to sustainability by announcing its adoption of Moody's ESG insurance underwriting solution.

This move aligns with Argenta's dedication to achieving a net zero footprint across all aspects of its business, including operations, products, and investments.

Leveraging Moody's cutting-edge name-matching algorithms and comprehensive data encompassing sustainability and financial metrics, Argenta aims to comprehensively evaluate carbon emissions and various other ESG-related risks and opportunities within its underwriting and investment portfolios.

Nick Moore, Chief Executive Officer of Argenta Holdings Limited, emphasised the pivotal role of ESG considerations in enhancing their decision-making processes: "The integration of ESG information, thanks to Moody's advanced solution, empowers us to make more informed underwriting and investment choices, thereby facilitating better outcomes for our valued clients and partners.

"This strategic partnership with Moody's equips us to effectively navigate the present and future challenges of sustainability. It ensures that our team and partners are equipped with the knowledge required to collectively make a meaningful impact. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with Moody's throughout our underwriting and investment decision-making journey."

Paul McCarney, Senior Director, Product Strategy at Moody’s Analytics, acknowledged the multifaceted challenges facing insurers related to climate change, the transition to a low-carbon economy, and broader sustainability concerns.

He expressed delight in Argenta's decision to tap into Moody's comprehensive ESG, climate, and financial data, models, and analytics to decode risks and unlock opportunities within their underwriting and investment portfolios.

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