Amundi Announces Adding Two More New ESG ETFs

Published on: 21 April 2022 06:45 PM
by KnowESG
Amundi i

Amundi, a global asset manager and a leading ETF provider in Europe, announced that it added two new ESG ETFs, and the listing already started in April 2022.

On Xetra, you can buy the Amundi Global AGG SRI UCITS ETF DR and the Amundi MSCI AC Far East Ex Japan ESG Leaders Select UCITS ETF DR in Euros and US Dollars. This project is part of the Crédit Agricole Group's Social Project and its commitment to the environment, so it's important to them.

The Amundi Global AGG SRI-UCITS ETF DR tracks the Bloomberg MSCI Global Aggregate 500MM ex Securitized Sustainable SRI Sector Neutral Index, which has an ongoing cost of 0.14 percent.

The ETF provides investors with access to 12,000 investment-grade corporate and government bonds issued by more than 1,200 issuers worldwide, making it a long-term tool for gaining exposure to the wider fixed income market.

The Bloomberg Global Aggregate 500MM ex Securitized index, which the ETF replicates, strictly excludes issuers with questionable business practises and selects 80 percent of bonds with the highest ESG score from the Bloomberg Global Aggregate 500MM ex Securitized index.

The Amundi MSCI AC Far East Ex Japan ESG Leaders Select-UCITS ETF DR is an equity ETF that tracks the MSCI AC Far East Ex Japan ESG Leaders Select 5 percent Issuer Capped Index and has recurring expenses of 0.25 percent.This is the first sustainable ETF in the Far East that allows investors to invest in two established markets (excluding Japan) and seven emerging market countries [3]. This is how the index chooses its ESG investments: It does a negative screening and chooses only companies with the best ESG ratings from the MSCI AC Far East ex Japan Index.

The ETFs are classified under article 8 of the EU's SFDR regulation.

Matthieu Guignard, Global Head of Product Development and Capital Markets at Amundi ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta, said: “We are delighted to further extend our Amundi ETF responsible range with these two new products. As investors are increasingly looking for new tools allowing them to build sustainable portfolios for all asset classes, we are committed to provide them with a large range of high quality, robust and cost-efficient ESG ETFs”.